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When planning a new Glass Showcase or Glass Display case, it is very important to keep the following in mind:

You are selling a product, not showcases. Although a glass display case should look good, the focus should be on the product inside the display case. A simple glass showcase or glass display case with proper lighting is often more effective than an elaborate display case with insufficient lighting.

Showcases or Display cases may travel. You might have the perfect spot in mind, but you may wish to move them at a later date. A Showcase or Display case should not be a fixture if you can avoid it. Our showcases and display cases are sturdy and can easily be moved.

Showcases or Display Cases will travel. Most showcases or display cases arrive at your location by truck. A myth about showcase and display case shipping is that knock-down is cheaper. Rarely do shipping companies charge by cube for shipping showcases or display cases; rather, they charge by weight. Ask yourself if you are qualified to assemble a glass showcase or glass display case when it arrives by truck, or whether you'd rather receive assembled showcases.


At $cname you do not have to be limited to our idea of what a perfect showcase or display case should look like. YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN! We use the most advanced 3D design software available in the industry, and we can help you design your own showcase economically in two simple steps.

Step 1

Imagine the perfect display for your store and fax us a drawing with specific size and layout requirements. Let us know what colour you want the frame of the display to be and if you want any specific substrates or laminates to be incorporated. We can apply logos and your lighting options are limitless.

Step 2

We will provide you with a fully dimensioned CAD drawing so that you know exactly what your case will look like. This service is available to you free of charge, whether you need a multitude of cases or only one. We will also provide you with a cost estimate and we will usually get all this to you within 24 hours.


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